Wheels come in all forms of colors, design structure, composition and fitting. Making the perfect choice of wheels for your vehicle is important as it greatly affects performance and presentation. It is therefore necessary to go for a known, tested and trusted brand that is well famed for quality wheels with a wide range of exclusive features to suite your style.

The Rotiform Brand is a world class wheel company founded in 2009 by two enterprising gear heads Brian Henderson and Jason Whipple – they took the wheel industry to a whole new level with their resourcefulness to produce high-quality wheels which have taken over the market. Each design possesses a unique look and luster. The sizes vary and give the best fitting. Whether cast or forged preference in wheels, the Rotiform is suitable for any type of terrain with the widest selection of premium products made readily available. Featured wheels are available in monoblock and 3-piece construction; a perfect combination of strength and lightness in weight. Monoblock wheels are aggressive and recommended for the most challenging routes owing its abilities to its 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.


The Rotiform brand boasts of state-of-the-art wheels with warranty against structural and handling defect. This warranty is valid for a year from date of purchase. A few of the Rotiform wheel series are as follows;

  • BLQ Silver – machined face
  • SPF Black – machined face & double dark taint
  • SPF Silver – machined face
  • CCV Silver – machined face
  • IND – Tblack/Silver with machined face & dark tint
  • TMB Silver – machined face
  • NUE Black with machined face and double tint
  • NUE Silver with machined face
  • CCV Black with machined face & double dark tint
  • TMB Black with machined face and double dark tint
  • DUS monoblack concave/flat
  • IND Tmonoblack concave/flat
  • ROC monoblack concave/flat

A few other series are generic and come with polished lip. Style and durability is everything when it comes to the Rotiform brand. It is all about maintaining the status quo and lifting the bar with every new design. The Rotiform brand of wheels is indisputably in a class of its own

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