Ducati’s New Superbike Review Panigale 1299 Superleggera

The Ducati 1299 Panigale is a Ducati super sports bike. By introducing the 1299 Superleggera version, Ducati takes the world of Super sport road bikes to a completely new level. It is the first standard street bike having features like – carbon fiber frame, swinging arm, wheels and sub frames. 

As soon as it is introduced to market, it becomes the top choice of sport bike lovers. The superleggera model is very special as it includes the most powerful 215 hp twin cylinder engine for empowering the rear wheel.

Another fact that makes this model special is that only 500 units of it will be produced by the company.

The superleggera version of Ducati is the first sports bike having Engine Brake Control and the Ducati Power Launch (DPL). It contains the displacement of about 1285cc. This model can have the maximum torque of about 144.6 Nm @ 8750 rpm. It contains one spark plug per cylinder. The wheel size of this bike is 17 inches.

The presence of tubeless tyres, radial tyres, front disc, rear disc and alloy wheels also adds advantages to it. The drum size of the rear disc is around 245 mm.

Other advanced features like the availability of digital speedometer, fuel gauge, digital tachometer, digital tripmeter, electric start up capability, the stand alarm, the pillion seat, low battery and low oil indicator ,kill switch, the clock, pillion grab rail, the availed turn signal, LED tail lamp, pass light ,are sufficient enough for explaining it as an efficient super sports bike.

The seat height of this product is kept around 830 mm and it has the ground clearance of about 125mm. It has the approximate weight of 160 kg, yet another advantageous thing. The number of gears in this bike is extended up to 6.

The Superleggera version is said to be one of the speediest bikes as it can reach the top speed of 305 kmph and have the fuel tank capacity of 17 litres. All these features and elements give this bike a number of advantages. It is said to have very good built quality. Recently, it is one of the most popular bikes in terms of looks and style. Its powerful engine also makes it very efficient and reliable. It truly is a unique and the most in-demand bike. 

Further advancements in terms of power specify the race kit version of Superleggera. This race kit version is known for adding a titanium akrapovic race exhaust, plate holder removal kit, kickstand removal kit, place holder removal kit, billet mirror plugs, a race screen, a bike cover and much more.


The popularity of Ducati’s Superleggera version can be assumed by the single fact that as soon as it is launched, all of its units are already sold out. 

The only unfortunate thing about this bike is its limited number of production. It can’t be denied that surely there are much more than 500 Ducati lovers who would love to have this bike. Hope, the company authorities will change their minds and allow to produce more units of this version. Fingers crossed.


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